What’s coming In 2017?

First I want to extend blessings and prayers to  all the families, first responders,  volunteers….affected by the recent fires. My heart goes out to you!

December already…it’s cold up here where I am now. Been acclimating to my new home and working on the surprise I promised you months ago. I’ll still be with you, more as a matter of fact. You will have access to more information, pictures, and instruction. Details in a moment. But first

I am a copywriter in the health industry now, specifically Chiropractic. Along with extraordinary experience, my background as an orthopedic exercise specialist makes me a perfect fit. I look forward to continuing to being able to provide you with outstanding health and wellness information, inspiration and motivation. You can find me on Linkedin.

A Website is in the workings. My blog will be attached to it as well as few additions. Stay tuned. Have an amazing holiday season!

See you soon. Best, Ines

P.S. You can find me on Linkedin for further business information.

As Promised

Ines A Hatch, author,  on AMAZON.  The new Marsha’s Adventures, the six-book series. Stories that will entertain, arouse  and inspire  you to bring change for your family, our world and future generations. Listen to hear the cries for help?Cries for Help

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Free E-book

Marcha Song ebook coverFree E-book! Marsha’s Song:  A Celebration Of Life.  A heart wrenching saga of determination, perseverance and Inspiration. First in the series , Marsha’s Adventures, is based on true stories that could happen to anyone, anywhere, any time. Do you know someone who could benefit from this book? Share it.  Enjoy.    Please write me a review to help me in my journey to the next level.  I appreciate you so much!!  Ines


I can do itAre you an overachiever? Is your plate overflowing? Do you plan to accomplish  all these things and end up being overwhelmed? Maybe you even strive so hard to get them all done, become exhausted, and end up compromising your health. I’m talking about sleeplessness, colds or worse. Along the way also comes frustration which doesn’t help matters.  You may have a meltdown of sorts. But afterwards you continue, persist on your journey to reach your  destination (s).  Your journey has hills, valleys,  and mountains. But you know it’s never easy. You know a difficult road builds character…You see a light at the end of the tunnel now.  You have vision, an attitude, and a commitment to yourself. You will not give up on your dream. Persevere!!!

A Quick Health-All-Over Tip

imagesA Quick Health-All-Over Tip. It is a good idea to be barefoot as much as possible. Let me explain. Remember when we where babies and children. Think about it, shoes constrict our feet, our toes…not to mention what  heels do to our posture. When you can, at home for example, do yourself a favor, run around barefoot. Your body will thank you, if not sooner but later. I invite you to talk about this with your doctor and or chiropractor.  Best, Ines

The Journey Part 1

imagesMost of you know I have moved to the mountains. It’s nice to have family around again too. Goodness, it’s beautiful here and a little cooler too. First week has been quite the whirlwind to say the least. You never think there are so many things to do and change until you actually take the plunge: finding your way around, doctors, insurance, gym, bank, vet….oh and I needed to call Dr Chris, Animal Medical Clinic to verify what I could do to get Bourbon to eat (AMC Rocks). Our fur babies need to adjust to new environments too. It has been a  challenging time and will continue for a while. A new place, my own four walls, are on the horizon and with it a new but similar career adventure. Stay tuned. Have a great week!


North Carolina Serenity

DSCF0459It’s 6:30 AM, the start of a balmy day. Bourbon, my handsome fur baby, crawls up on my chest. He kisses me as I stir awake. That means he’s ready to go outside after a restful night. Bourbon rushes outside, taking in the mountain air. I grab my 5 pound weights as I follow my shadow outside (he follows me everywhere). As I take in the morning scents,  I shadow box in the cool morning air. Morning air is exhilarating, agreed? No matter where you are, why not start your day appreciating nature while doing something healthy for your health, your body, your sanity. Stay tuned for more health tips and beauty from the mountains of North Carolina.

Are You ON A Personal Journey?

Are you on a personal journey? Are you traveling up and down the same road? Do you see light or darkness on the other side of the bridge ahead? You are going to take charge of your personal journey. But you don’t know exactly how. Life gets in the way now,  kids, work, the house, your fur babies and then there’s your other half, the one you fell in love with 19 years ago, the one who  adds to your stress. The one who insists it’s black when you’ve explained why it’s white.  You know you have given your all but feel like a failure. Do you feel the pain? Every day, right? It’s time to take charge of your personal journey. Each Thursday, unless notified otherwise, look for another thoughtful and inspiring post about this journey we are on. Talking about issues helps  figuring things out. Don’t you agree?  Leave me tidbits of your journey so I can possibly incorporate them into future posts. We can help each other blossom. This is how I started my healing last Saturday.


A girlfriend hosted a Burning Bowl Release Ceremony, a cleansing/affirming event in her back yard. Four of us and the instructor gathered on a quilt in silence. We were instructed to center ourselves, think about the one thing on our mind, in our soul, that we wanted to rid ourselves of. Write it on your first scrap of paper and fold it, our instructor continued. Now, on the second paper write what you intend to change this next year.  Put it in this envelope and tuck it away. Save it. Remember this time. File it away in your mind.  Remember this place. It was hot. The sun glistening through the tree branches, penetrating the shade we were so thankful for. Can you hear the birds chirping. Goodness, look at the squirls chasing each other. It seemed each one of us took the time to relish in the beauty of the moment, quiet, unhurried,  mystical, togetherness. We sat in support of one another,  rid ourselves of our pain, to let it go forever at the fire pit.

The five of us stood around the fire pit holding hands, flames glowing in the afternoon heat. While our instructor uttered words of wisdom, you could feel the energy force around us. Then releasing, each one of us, one by one, threw our mind’s poison (scraps of paper) into the flames, watching as each one burned and burned until there was nothing left. We were reminded about the importance of cleansing the mind and how the mind is a beautiful and powerful thing. You have the power for change. But you must take charge of yourself and the choices you make. And it helps to come together for inspiration, prayer, direction…to make that happen.

As I drove home that evening I felt a sense of peace. You see this morning I thought I was simply spending one of my last weekends with my friend before moving out of state.  Beth knew I was in a bad place. She wanted to help. She knew I wanted to visit with her. She also knew that I might cancel attending an event.  What better way than an invitation to a surprise. On top of that, what do you do when your best friend says, NO EXCUSES. It was sooooo worth it. So, I am passing on the Burning Bowl Release Ceramony so you can start on your personal journey. There is a light at the tunnel I am told. Let’s find our way together. What do you think? I am looking forward to sharing with you next Thursday. Every day I am feeling a bit stronger. Thank you my best friend! Ines





Boost Yourself to a Healthier You.

Chiro beachBoost yourself to a healthier you.  Join the likes of athletes and celebrities on the health kick during the summer. But first, warm weather, no, HEAT! Don’t let up on exercise  because of it. Take a brisk walk in the morning, take Fido for for a walk, and don’t forget to water your plants so the sun doesn’t cook their wet leaves.

It’s actually a good idea to join a health club now, a club that offers classes, from stretch, yoga to aerobics, pool classes too if you’re lucky, so you can start your day off with increased energy. Even though it’s summer, no reason to slack off on your health. And it gives you a jump start for the fall when the gym gets packed. You know that Troy Aikman, Jen Wiederstrom, John Maxwell work out to keep on there game. How do you think they keep their top performance in this game called life? They EXERCISE. You can be on top of your game too, at your own pace.

AND,  scroll back  on this blog, December 2014, for a few exercises posted by an orthopedic exercise specialist (physical trainer). It is so important to stay flexible as we mature. You can increase your range of motion slowly (progression). Movement (ROM) prolongs longevity, reduces pain and the onset of disease. You owe it to yourself to stay healthy. Follow my blog for health tidbits. And oh my goodness, this HEAT!!!

This HEAT requires extra hydration. Feel dizzy? Drink water…..more water and follow me click Follow to get post from  me every Thursday. I invite you to explore myhealthmotivator.com. And invite questions and comments.

Best, Ines


P.S.  myhealthmotivator.idlife.com if you are interested in seeing all-natural products  available for improving the human condition. These products are used by Troy Aikman, Jen Wiederstrom, Jon Maxwell….me and my clients, family and friends…